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It is not uncommon to have loans spread out in different directions, whether large or small. People tend to use loans to pay for houses, cars and studies, but also for travel or to maintain a certain standard of living. At the moment, small loans may feel like a good decision, but they can quickly grow both in quantity and cost, which becomes very expensive for the wallet in the long run.

Most often, private individuals take out loans from different organizations where everyone has their own terms for the agreements. This means different interest rates for all loans, which leads to a lot of paperwork with various invoices to keep track of. To make this process easier while saving money, you can collect your loan costs under one and the same loan instead.

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Debt consolidation involves taking out a new loan that covers the total cost of all the spread loans you have. You use the money to repay all the remaining loans so that you can then focus on only one. It becomes easier to manage, cheaper, saves time and you decide the installment time yourself. Thus, it is a smarter way to resolve loans and credits. This will now be explained in more detail.

What are the Benefits of Collecting Loans?

What are the Benefits of Collecting Loans?

When loans are spread out, it also means different interest rates, depending on which companies you borrow from. These interest rates can be high from the start and grow even more in the long run. With a mortgage loan, you can repay all of them to have only one interest rate instead, which is much easier to manage and which is cheaper if you choose the right lender. Larger loans usually have lower interest rates than smaller ones, which means that it is advantageous when it comes to saving money, especially for larger sums.

Most debts also adversely affect your credit rating. Creditworthiness affects your life in many aspects, such as your chances of applying for future loans or when renting or buying a home. By resolving credits and reducing the number of debts to just one, your credit rating is radically improved. Via the Information Center’s website, you can see your rating as a percentage. The lower the percentage you have, the better. If you have less than 12 percent, you usually have a good chance when it comes to applying for a loan. A percentage below 4.5 usually gives a very good interest rate for collecting loans and this is what you should aim for. The algorithms for determining the percentage are secret, which in some cases means that you can have a good credit rating and yet not get your loans granted. One reason for this may be that you have an overdraft credit card.

Another positive aspect of backing up a loan is that you don’t have to keep track of all the invoices that are sent to your address and risk forgetting someone. The due dates on the various invoices often differ, which means that you have to pay these at different times each month. This can be an unnecessarily complicated process to keep track of. Collecting all loans saves time and as you know, time is very expensive.

In addition, smaller loans usually have shorter repayment periods. This means you need to repay them faster. This can quickly become problematic if you have dozens of loans whose total amount is high, but you still have to pay quickly. As you pay lower interest rates on collecting loans, you will save money in the long run, which means that you can choose to pay off the loan faster than you previously planned. It results in better well-being, as you can focus on things other than worrying about debt.

To think about before you collect loans


The first thing that is important to do is, to sum up, all the costs from all loans to get an overview of the situation. What do you owe for the various loans? What are the interest rates? When should they be repaid? Compile all information to see how large a collateral loan you need to take. One rule here is not to sign up for a larger loan than you need.

By writing a household budget, you get a plan to relate to during the installment period (and even afterward). When you record all expenses weekly or monthly, you can plan how the money should be spent on areas such as food, households, and entertainment. It is important that you try to save a buffer for unexpected costs. This is especially necessary when you have large loan repayments on top of expenses such as rent, transportation costs, and food.

What type of collateral loan should I choose?

The next thing to think about is whether to take out a private loan or a mortgage, depending on your situation and what type of debt it is about. A private loan is a loan without collateral where the maximum limit is SEK 500,000. This means that you will not tie up any expensive property as a guarantee to the lender in case you cannot pay. Loans without collateral instead have a higher interest rate to cover this risk. The repayment period can be set between 1 and 15 years where you decide what is appropriate. When deciding the installment period, it is important to try to balance what is realistic; Longer loans have a higher total cost, but a short installment period can make the cost too high in the short term. For example, if you set the payment period to ten years, but feel that you can pay it off significantly faster, however, there is no problem and this is done at no extra cost.

A mortgage loan is usually more difficult to take out but gives a very low-interest rate and a long repayment period. When a loan is secured with security as in the case of a mortgage, it means that your villa or condominium is a guarantee for the lender if you cannot pay. This means that you may have to sell the house if you cannot pay in other ways according to the agreement. Compared to private loans, these loans have high setup fees and are therefore usually only advantageous for large sums of money. It is therefore important to think through the decision before deciding on the type of loan that is best suited to collect all loans and credits.

Home Savings Funds – Loans

Did you know that the Hungarian State supports its housing goals with up to HUF 72,000 a year after every Home Savings Fund contract?

With which service provider can you sign a home savings fund?

Due to the Act on Housing Savings Funds (Act CXIII of 1996), the margin of maneuver of service providers offering the product is highly regulated, so there is only a slight difference between the products of the service providers.

The use and exploitation of the above-mentioned state aids?

When is it absolutely worth considering the use and exploitation of the above-mentioned state aids?

  • if you are building, buying, expanding, refurbishing or modernizing a property
  • if you reduce the maturity or installment of your existing retail loan
  • if you want to get a fixed rate and government subsidized residential real estate loan. Instead of the rigidity of commercial banks, on lighter, more relaxed terms.
  • if your children and grandchildren would support the purchase and renovation of an apartment
  • if you want to save it completely without interest tax, put it aside
  • if you want to save for the entire duration of the contract with a return and a capital guarantee, without stock exchange funds
  • if you do not want to lose $ 72,000 in state aid per contract per year
  • if you want to “concretize” your current state aid for up to 10 years

In Hungary4, you can achieve the above benefits and state subsidies with different apartment savings funds.

There are many differences between the terms of the claim

The offerings of financial institutions seem to be the same, the product is similar, but there are many differences between the terms of the claim and the future payout process.

Want to know how to get subsidies for your housing goals and which financial institution offers are best suited to your plans?

Can Start-Up Cost Be Avoided When Opening a Home Savings Bank? – Loans

The most popular form of savings among those who collect for home purposes is the home savings fund. Its popularity is due to the fact that the state gives 30% non-refundable gift money, which can not exceed 72 thousand HUF per year.

The maximum monthly payment is $ 50, but if you can save more than that, you have the option, even if you have an Good Finance contract with your close relatives.

After the maturity period


Which can be 4-10 years, you have to wait 2 months for the amount to be paid out. Its use must always be justified. You can justify different housing goals in different ways, and they are subject to different rules regarding their use time. There are many places to read that starting an Good Finance contract from a very small amount, depends on several factors. In this article, you can read about the rules for opening a home savings.

What you need to pay when opening an apartment savings is the account opening fee, which is 1% of the contract amount. In addition to payments, the contractual amount includes state support, interest, and the amount of the home loan that can be taken out.

The higher the monthly payment or the longer the maturity

The higher the monthly payment or the longer the maturity

This means that the higher the monthly payment or the longer the maturity, the higher the account opening fee. Let’s look at an example! If you sign an Good Finance contract for 4 years, with a monthly payment of 20 thousand HUF, the contract fee is 26-32 thousand HUF, but for an 8-year product it is 75-80 thousand HUF. Experts say it would be better if you save for a shorter period of time. The best yield is for a 4 year contract. If you can, do two consecutive four-year contracts rather than an 8-year contract.

You need to be very careful and cautious when entering into an Good Finance contract, as home savings companies advertise different actions to attract customers. In the course of one of these promotions, they may waive some or all of the account opening fee. However, you have to pay close attention to what the home savings bank is asking for. For example, you might request another product.

This is how you can open a bank account

This is how you can open a bank account

Take out home insurance, enter a pension fund, or open a credit card along with your Good Finance contract. These products also cost money, so you might pay more for a promotion than if you had not signed the contract.

Alternatively, the homeowner may stipulate that he / she may not modify the main points of the contract because, if this were the case, the account opening fee released in the promotion would have to be paid back.

My partner has a credit card debt – Debt Consolidation

If you are married or a registered partner, you will in principle have one capital together. Your possessions automatically belong to the other person. But at the same time you are also responsible for each other’s debts.

This does not apply if you are married under so-called marriage conditions


If one of the two makes debts with his credit card, the other is also liable for this. Even though the card may only have one name.

This does not apply if you are married under so-called marriage conditions . You have arranged in the town hall that your powers will remain separate.

There is also no joint capital if you are not officially registered partners and only live together. Whether or not with a cohabitation contract drawn up at the notary, that makes no difference.

Joint account

Joint account

You can nevertheless be confronted with a negative credit card balance from your partner unmarried or within a marriage under certain conditions. This can happen if the credit card is linked to a joint account of both of you.

With a joint account you are responsible for each other’s expenses. Both partners can use the account freely, without the need for constant permission from the other.

Use the joint account in terms of expenses only for the fixed housing costs

Use the joint account in terms of expenses only for the fixed housing costs

Both of you are liable for the bank for any overdraft. This can also be caused by the credit card use of one of the partners.  Your possessions automatically belong to the other person. But at the same time you are also responsible for each other’s debts.

An important tip: do not link a credit card to a joint account, but both take your own credit card and link it to an individual account. Use the joint account in terms of expenses only for the fixed housing costs, groceries and joint outings.

Credits: Difference between prepayment and prepayment

A few months ago you used Marissa Harlock’s personal loan comparator , chose the right option and applied for a loan. So far you have paid your bills on time and out of nowhere, you received an unexpected amount of money; After reading the 5 ways to use extra income , you decided to pay your debts.

When what we want is to cancel a loan early, we have two options: Advance payment and advance payment. Next, we will know how they differ.



You cancel a certain number of installments in advance, but this does not change your interests, that is, you continue paying the same amount of money in the following installments, with the difference that the number was reduced. In this modality no amount of money is reduced, what is reduced is the number of fees.

Example: You had an eight installment loan of 180 soles per month, you have paid two installments and one day you arrive at the bank with 540 soles, you pay three installments in advance. Now only three installments remain and you will pay them in the corresponding month to do so, that is, after three months. This modality is used to “give you relief” during the months you advanced, because you won’t have to pay anything.


Advance payment (prepaid)

Advance payment (prepaid)

What you do is reduce the amount of capital you owe and then choose a way in which this decrease is applied: It can be reducing the number of fees or maintaining the same number but with a smaller amount. In this mode, capital, interest and commissions are reduced.

Example: You had a ten installment loan of 150 soles per month. You paid two and one day you go to the bank and you pay 400 soles. That makes your debt reduce to 800 soles. You can keep the number of outstanding fees and that the fee value is less than 150 soles; Or you can keep the value of 150 soles but at a lower number of fees.

Another difference is that here you will not have more time to pay, but should approach the next date to cancel the next installment, either reduced or of the same value. Basically what it is about is to reduce the credit cancellation time.

Now that you know how to take advantage of these two modalities, you can apply for a personal loan without any doubts.

How to save on your first home?

Saving your first home is a major challenge for most of us, as rising real estate prices require a great deal of awareness to finally cross the threshold of your first home. Stay tuned and get started today!

What are the most important parameters?


A good opportunity is always preceded by a good decision: if you decide to have your dreams come true in a home of your own, sooner or later the opportunity will knock on the door. Or do you rather knock on the right? Let’s not run that far! Before you take the first practical steps – though the sooner you save, the better – think about what would be the right apartment for you. Collect and rank the five to ten attributes that are very important to you. These could be the type of building, the number of rooms, the heating, the possibility of good transport and we could list them. We read more about it here.

It is also important to decide whether you want to buy a new or used home. There are arguments for both. When you buy a new property, you can qualify for a tax reduction, or apply for government subsidy or an interest-subsidized loan (although this can be claimed for a used property). The new apartment may be more up-to-date, resulting in less overhead and more livable spaces and rooms.

In case of a used apartment, it is important to find out what the condition of the house is, whether there are any renovations in progress or what the financial situation of the condominium is. If you get favorable answers, you can do a good fair. Many people specifically look for such options, as they believe that a second-hand apartment is less likely to make mistakes that may occur in a new home.

Another important issue is the size of the apartment

Another important issue is the size of the apartment

There are several factors that can influence your needs. If you are not planning to start a family yet, it may be an ideal choice for a studio apartment or a room or a half room. These are easy-to-sell homes and also have lower maintenance costs. If you live alone in the studio, this is an ideal reception, but it may not be comfortable for two people anymore. In this case, one-and-a-half or two-bedroom properties provide more livable spaces.

If you are planning to have a child with your partner, or if you just want to think for 3-5 years, you may want to look at two to three bedroom apartments. Although they cost more to maintain, the optimal layout of the rooms is comfortable, especially for rooms with separate opening. You can easily publish them later if this happens.

Manage wisely! – How do you get your first apartment?


Managing your first apartment is serious work and research. In a nutshell, it may be helpful to use private and home savings fund solutions, as well as family and friends loans on a regular basis. Not remember, however, that an unexpected turn can always intervene, so the promised help may not arrive even though the full purchase price has to be paid …

So what do we suggest? Once you have a self-sufficient income, you may want to set aside part of it for housing purposes (really forward-thinking parents can raise this money for their children from an early age). So the goal is regular, predictable savings. Keep in mind that buying a property with a loan requires at least 20% equity, but the more you set it aside, the more favorable the loan you can get.

According to DunaHouse, “ The Hungarian State also contributes to the purchase of a home by 30% of the annual deposit amount on a regular dwelling account , enabling the saver to acquire the self-sufficiency or even the full purchase price of his future home sooner. If you want to get a loan, it is always worth asking for a preliminary examination to see if we are creditworthy. Not to mention how much money we will have to pay the bank each month if we take out a loan – first time buyers are often unaware of the monthly burden of a $ 10 million loan, which can last up to ten to twenty years. “

The aforementioned state support (30%) is far more than you could achieve with other savings (bank deposits, government securities, securities). You can also find the right approach from the loans side: observe favorable interest rates, and consider options for a government-subsidized or market-based home loan. When choosing a loan, make sure it is personalizable, has no hidden costs, and keeps the wipe detail fixed throughout the flexible term.

Let’s Be Loose But Conscious About Finance

It is very important in life to keep a balance. One extreme is just as damaging as the other. In terms of material, neither excessive lightness nor constant tightening of the belt is healthy.


Be careful with over-spending

Be careful with over-spending

Counselors often find people who have been dragged away from the ground of reality for a shorter or longer period. Many people, in order to afford the expense of having their big car, their ipad, their Far East vacation, tend to borrow disproportionately.

Especially young people are tempted, who have not yet received financial ‘slaps’ in life, and who see social media as a carefree lifestyle for their peers.


Don’t be financially driven by Instagram profiles


In the field of loans and loans, we must always pay attention to the fact that we will have to repay the money received. We need to choose a repayment period and installment that is realistic for our lifestyle and income. There are golden rules for this, which generally apply to everyone: for example, we will not be able to set aside more than 10-20% of our income to pay our monthly installments.

In addition, choose loans with favorable terms – fortunately there is plenty now. The big positive is that nowadays banks have to comply with rules that actually protect the consumer side. These prevent someone from going bankrupt for a loan.

So frivolity can come back, but it’s not good not to use it, just to spare the money. Mostly, they are a tight grip on every penny for those who lived a low standard of living at a young age and have been saving for years to go from one to two. However, they no longer dare to move on from the two because they are unable to leave the familiar pattern.


It’s hard to give up on the fear of money

If we earn a lot, but still get discounted prices, if we do not relax, we only work 12 hours a day, we will not reap the rewards of our work and efforts. When we have enough saved capital, let’s relax and enjoy life. It is not only important to increase income, but also to raise the standard of living. And if we spend, we give others jobs, growth opportunities that will come back to us.