Can Start-Up Cost Be Avoided When Opening a Home Savings Bank? – Loans

The most popular form of savings among those who collect for home purposes is the home savings fund. Its popularity is due to the fact that the state gives 30% non-refundable gift money, which can not exceed 72 thousand HUF per year.

The maximum monthly payment is $ 50, but if you can save more than that, you have the option, even if you have an Good Finance contract with your close relatives.

After the maturity period


Which can be 4-10 years, you have to wait 2 months for the amount to be paid out. Its use must always be justified. You can justify different housing goals in different ways, and they are subject to different rules regarding their use time. There are many places to read that starting an Good Finance contract from a very small amount, depends on several factors. In this article, you can read about the rules for opening a home savings.

What you need to pay when opening an apartment savings is the account opening fee, which is 1% of the contract amount. In addition to payments, the contractual amount includes state support, interest, and the amount of the home loan that can be taken out.

The higher the monthly payment or the longer the maturity

The higher the monthly payment or the longer the maturity

This means that the higher the monthly payment or the longer the maturity, the higher the account opening fee. Let’s look at an example! If you sign an Good Finance contract for 4 years, with a monthly payment of 20 thousand HUF, the contract fee is 26-32 thousand HUF, but for an 8-year product it is 75-80 thousand HUF. Experts say it would be better if you save for a shorter period of time. The best yield is for a 4 year contract. If you can, do two consecutive four-year contracts rather than an 8-year contract.

You need to be very careful and cautious when entering into an Good Finance contract, as home savings companies advertise different actions to attract customers. In the course of one of these promotions, they may waive some or all of the account opening fee. However, you have to pay close attention to what the home savings bank is asking for. For example, you might request another product.

This is how you can open a bank account

This is how you can open a bank account

Take out home insurance, enter a pension fund, or open a credit card along with your Good Finance contract. These products also cost money, so you might pay more for a promotion than if you had not signed the contract.

Alternatively, the homeowner may stipulate that he / she may not modify the main points of the contract because, if this were the case, the account opening fee released in the promotion would have to be paid back.