Let’s Be Loose But Conscious About Finance

It is very important in life to keep a balance. One extreme is just as damaging as the other. In terms of material, neither excessive lightness nor constant tightening of the belt is healthy.


Be careful with over-spending

Be careful with over-spending

Counselors often find people who have been dragged away from the ground of reality for a shorter or longer period. Many people, in order to afford the expense of having their big car, their ipad, their Far East vacation, tend to borrow disproportionately.

Especially young people are tempted, who have not yet received financial ‘slaps’ in life, and who see social media as a carefree lifestyle for their peers.


Don’t be financially driven by Instagram profiles


In the field of loans and loans, we must always pay attention to the fact that we will have to repay the money received. We need to choose a repayment period and installment that is realistic for our lifestyle and income. There are golden rules for this, which generally apply to everyone: for example, we will not be able to set aside more than 10-20% of our income to pay our monthly installments.

In addition, choose loans with favorable terms – fortunately there is plenty now. The big positive is that nowadays banks have to comply with rules that actually protect the consumer side. These prevent someone from going bankrupt for a loan.

So frivolity can come back, but it’s not good not to use it, just to spare the money. Mostly, they are a tight grip on every penny for those who lived a low standard of living at a young age and have been saving for years to go from one to two. However, they no longer dare to move on from the two because they are unable to leave the familiar pattern.


It’s hard to give up on the fear of money

If we earn a lot, but still get discounted prices, if we do not relax, we only work 12 hours a day, we will not reap the rewards of our work and efforts. When we have enough saved capital, let’s relax and enjoy life. It is not only important to increase income, but also to raise the standard of living. And if we spend, we give others jobs, growth opportunities that will come back to us.