$1 billion in new US military aid to Ukraine




JUNE 15, 2022

Today we announced an additional $1 billion in military assistance for Ukraine. Pursuant to a delegation of authority from the President, I authorize our twelfth drawdown of arms and equipment from U.S. Department of Defense stockpiles for the defense of Ukraine since August 2021, valued at up to $350 million of dollars. This authorization, combined with an additional $650 million in assistance also announced today through the U.S. Department of Defense’s Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, will bring total U.S. assistance to the Ukraine’s security to over $5.6 billion since Russia launched its brutal and unprovoked full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

When he decided to launch an unwarranted invasion against his neighbour, President Putin intended to divide the United States and its allies and partners. Nevertheless, we are stronger and more united than ever. The Kremlin thought it would undermine or even overthrow the Ukrainian government, but President Zelenskyy and Ukraine’s democratically elected government remain strong. Russian forces have lost the battle for Kyiv and continue a slow and rough offensive into eastern and southern Ukraine, held back by Ukraine’s resolute and valiant defenders.

U.S. security assistance and that of more than 40 allies and partners continues to strengthen Ukraine’s position to defend its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, secure victories on the battlefield, and ultimately account, strengthen Ukraine’s position at the negotiating table. We imposed powerful sanctions on Russia, bolstered deterrence and NATO defense on the eastern flank, and provided historic levels of military and other assistance to Ukraine as it bravely defended its territory and freedom. .

Our determination is unshakable. We are united with Ukraine.


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