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CNMI Covid-19 task force chairman Warren Villagomez said on Sunday that three hotels would be temporarily used to quarantine incoming travelers “overflowing.” These are the Century Hotel and the Capital Hotel, both located in Garapan, and the Pacific Islands Club in San Antonio.

Villagomez noted that Century Hotel’s Shirley’s Café is still open to the public.

“Century Hotel is an isolation containment area, so there is [neither] the commitment or the movement of people who are quarantined … we have staff from the working group who are present as well as the police, so [there is] very minimal movement and basically everything is controlled and kept sterile, ”he said.

Villagomez said there was a need to designate temporary facilities due to the increase in the number of people under investigation, or PUIs, as well as ensuring contact tracing needs are met. into account at the Kanoa Resort and the former Mariana Resort, which are the main 40. facilities.

He said there was also a need to prepare for any potential impact of the Biden administration’s recent decision to ease travel restrictions for vaccinated travelers, Villagomez added.

“So we’re just proactive, but these [additional facilities] are not permanent. These are for temporary use. We should go back to normal numbers [soon],” he said.

Regarding inbound flights from the South Korea-CNMI travel bubble, the task force chairman said a team was in place through the World Travel and Tourism Council. The board coordinates all security aspects to ensure that every hotel that will reopen or has already reopened meets standards.

“We are seeing more hotels and more rooms. with the president [Joseph] Biden’s directive, there is more reinsurance for the industry to reopen, ”he added.



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