CGTN Exclusive Interview with Ambassador Qin Gang



The Chinese Embassy in the United States hosted the “My question to taikonauts” event between Chinese taikonauts and American students on Saturday, April 9.

Over 300 students and parents across the United States joined the event.

In an exclusive interview with CGTN, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang said, “President Xi Jinping stressed that closer people-to-people exchanges and mutual learning are a sure way to eliminate estrangement and misunderstanding and to promote mutual understanding among nations”.

“The China-US relationship is indeed facing unprecedented challenges, but we should always bear in mind that state-to-state relations are ultimately for the people. Such an event can bring our people closer to each other, enhance people’s friendly feelings towards each other, and improve mutual perception of the younger generation in particular. It is a very important event. »

He also said people around the world share a common responsibility to protect the planet.

“You say we’re Chinese, and they say we’re American, but if we look at the planets from space and think about the future of mankind, we only have one identity, that’s that is, we are all citizens of the Earth.” Qin said.

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