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A former member of the Israeli Embassy staff who allegedly worked with a group plotting to “shoot down” British MPs critical of Israel, has been accepted by Labor Party leader Keir Starmer, future MP’s fast-track program, raising further concerns about the direction of the party.

Work approved Ella Rose in her “Future Candidates Program,” although former Israel Embassy staff was exposed in 2017 by a four-part Aljazeera documentary on the inner workings of the Zionist lobby, which revealed a plot to “bring down” British MPs.

The documentary undertook an exploration of the actions of Israeli pressure groups as they attempted to interfere with British political parties, including a broader exploration of the Israel lobby in the United Kingdom and the United States, where pro groups -Israelis were discovered organizing “bogus protests”. against pro-Palestinian activists.

The prominent Israeli embassy has been exposed to providing covert assistance to so-called independent groups within the Labor Party; how embassy jobs were offered to prepare young Labor activists; and how concerned the embassy was about the withdrawal of critical British prime ministers from Israel.

Foreign Minister Sir Alan Duncan, as well as the former Chairman of the Special Foreign Affairs Committee, Crispin Blunt, MP (both Conservative MPs), as well as Jeremy Corbyn who at the time was the leader of the opposition were key targets of the “demolition” plot.

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Rose, who was also featured in the undercover investigation, was caught on camera in a fit of anger over revealing her ties to the Israeli embassy, ​​calling her critics “fucking anti-Semites” and suggesting that she would be able to “take” a left-wing Jewish militant in combat, using the Israeli combat technique, Krav Maga.

“You know what I could take from her, she’s around 5’2 and tiny… if that happened I would win and that’s all I really care about,” Rosa said, speaking of a Jewish Labor member. who was kicked out of the party. “These people are sad, sad pitchers… as far as I’m concerned, they can go and die in a hole.”

Following the announcement of the results, the “future candidates’ program” was criticized by the left-wing section of the party as a “purely factional selection program”.

Critics ask how candidates who have virtually no history of campaigning for workers’ rights and domestic public policy are selected over working class candidates and advisers who have represented Labor in their local communities for years.

Earlier this year, Labor made an even more controversial move by hiring a former Israeli spy to work on its social media team.

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