Gazprom starts executing its gas pumping plan at UGS European facilities in November – Business & Economy



MOSCOW, November 9. / TASS /. Gazprom approved and started executing the plan to pump gas to five European underground gas storage facilities in November, the gas holding company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Gazprom approved and started the execution of the gas pumping plan in five European underground storage facilities in November. The volumes and routes of gas transport have been defined,” the statement said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin tasked Gazprom with increasing supply to the company’s European underground storage facilities after the completion of gas pumping to Russian storage facilities on November 8.

Gazprom has resumed actively pumping gas into its underground storage facilities in Europe in recent days, according to data provided by Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). In particular, the company’s pumping from its European underground storage facilities almost reached 20% of the region’s total storage supply volume on November 7.

Direct gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe pipeline to Germany also resumed late Monday, November 8, when they had more than doubled on Tuesday morning.

Additionally, demands for gas deliveries in transit through Ukraine to Slovakia on November 9 rose to nearly 83 million cubic meters per day, compared to 75.22 million cubic meters that were pumped through the plant. distribution of gas at the border of the two countries in the previous days, according to data provided by the Slovak gas transport operator Eustream.



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