German Embassy provides 226 million euros in aid to CST


CST School at Iwambi in Mbeya town includes children with various types of disabilities and those who do not but need various learning tools.

German Ambassador to Tanzania Regine Hess was recently in Mbeya region and visited the school during which she signed a contract agreement with CST Director Noela Msuya and also met with the Regional Commissioner Juma Homera for the introduction.

The Ambassador said that the projects relate to human rights issues and that education of children with special needs is part of the implementation of human rights.

She said she decided to help the NGO because its director, Noela, is one of 15 people around the world who won the German government’s friendship prize in 2021.

In her comments, CST Director Nola Msuya said the aid will help her institution fulfill its various responsibilities to reach children with disabilities and educate the public on various issues concerning children’s rights, especially those with a disability.

She added that the project they are implementing now will last for five months and will start in Mbeya region of which all districts will be reached.

“The assistance will help us remove the barrier to reach children with disabilities as well as educate the public about the rights of this group, which is why we are very grateful to the German Embassy for their help,” she added.

Meanwhile, the representative of the director of special education of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Wende Mbilinyi, thanked the German government for its help.

He said the government will continue to work with the CST to ensure children with special needs receive education and other rights as normal children do.

Mbeya Regional Commissioner Juma Homera commended CST officials for continuing to provide inclusive education to children and added that the regional government will continue to cooperate with him.


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