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My sister, an American citizen, has requested that I move and join her in the United States, and my priority date is approaching. What should I do before going to the interview? How long does the processing time take?


Immigration is a principle dear to the United States. We know it has been a long wait between your petition approval and your Embassy interview, and we look forward to seeing you and your family member as soon as possible.

Each petition has a “priority date” based on when the US Customs and Immigration Department approved the petition. As the priority date approaches, the National Visa Center (NVC) will initiate processing by providing information packages to the beneficiary or applicant at different stages of the preparation process and requesting additional supporting documents. You can track your priority date on the Visa Bulletin posted at

For example, if you have an application for an F4 immigrant visa, the priority date of the Visa Bulletin is March 22, 2007. This means that if the priority date of your application is on or before March 22, 2007, the visa process can begin and NVC will schedule your interview and transfer your file to the Embassy. You can also check the status of your request online by entering the petition receipt number on

To prepare for your embassy interview, immigrant visa applicants and their qualified family members must first complete a DS-260 visa application form. Once an interview has been scheduled, be sure to bring all original civil documents such as birth certificates, name affidavits, marriage certificates and divorce judgments for yourself, the applicant and qualified family members during the interview.

You must also pass your medical examination with our designated doctor, and bring with you a police certificate for each country where you have resided. For documents produced in Trinidad and Tobago, such as birth, marriage or death certificates, please bring the polymer version to the interview. Once the NVC has transferred the case to the Embassy and you have specific requests for the case, you can email and include the name, surname, and case number (number PTS) of the recipient in the subject line.

In preparation for your interview, please travel with a transparent plastic sleeve containing your documents. Bags, including handbags, backpacks, briefcases, diaper bags and luggage are prohibited, as are liquids, weapons and all electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones and laptops. Please leave these items at home or arrange for their storage before arriving at the Embassy.



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