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ISLAMABAD: In the latest development of the “Lettergate” saga, former Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to seek the help of President Dr Arif Alvi and Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial in accomplishing Pakistan Tehreek- i-Insaf (PTI) asks about the formation of a judicial commission to investigate the diplomatic cable that Mr Khan interprets as a “conspiracy” by the United States to overthrow his government.

Meanwhile, the PTI chairman visited the Chinese Embassy in the federal capital to offer his condolences over a recent suicide bombing in Karachi that claimed the lives of four people, including three Chinese teachers.

“The two senior state officials will be consulted regarding the cable shared by the former Pakistani ambassador to the United States,” said a statement released by PTI quoting Mr. Khan.

Before Imran Khan’s government was sacked by a no-confidence vote proposed by the then opposition, he had repeatedly claimed that the former Pakistani ambassador to the United States had been informed by a senior official. of the Biden administration that if the no-confidence resolution succeeds, Pakistan could be forgiven otherwise the country could face dire consequences.

The statement said a “threat” made against the Pakistani envoy during an official meeting was “shameful and contrary to diplomatic standards”. “In a civilized world, there is no place for such arrogant behavior and an undiplomatic attitude.”

The PTI leader said that a nation’s self-esteem and independence are above self-preservation power. “The nation is quite angry with the outside interference in the internal and political affairs of the country,” he added.

Mr Khan said that given the wave of public reaction to the “interference”, it had become difficult to further delay the announcement of a “historic” march on the federal capital. “People are quite furious seeing thieves turn into traitors and now people want them to be held accountable for their actions,” he added.

Later, Mr. Khan visited the Chinese Embassy and met with Chargé d’Affaires Pang Chunxue. He offered his condolences for the deaths of Chinese nationals in the explosion at the University of Karachi.

On the occasion, the PTI chief said that China is Pakistan’s most trustworthy friend and the unprecedented and deep-rooted relations between Pakistan and China are not easy for their enemies to digest. “The killing of Chinese teachers was an attempt to damage the friendship of the two states,” he added.

He added that the whole nation was in a state of grief over the killing of innocent Chinese teachers.

The Chinese diplomat expressed his gratitude to the PTI delegation for their visit to the embassy and his condolences. Mr. Khan also wrote his remarks in the guestbook.

Posted in Dawn, April 30, 2022


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