India provides Rs 2,792 million in development aid to Bhutan: Newsdrum


New Delhi: India is providing development aid of Rs 2,792 million for key infrastructure projects in Bhutan. These bilateral projects are carried out in sectors such as road infrastructure, urban development, youth development, agriculture, industrial development, health infrastructure, education and cultural preservation, the official said. Indian Embassy in Bhutan.

For Bhutan’s 12th Five-Year Plan, which ends in 2022, the Government of India has committed an amount of Rs 45,000 million, which is being utilized for the implementation of 82 Project Related Assistance (PTA) projects, 524 high-impact community development projects. and support program to the Royal Government of Bhutan.

An amount of Rs 4000 million is also committed under the Transitional Trade Support Facility to develop trade infrastructure and governance mechanisms in Bhutan.

In the current version, for the development of 379 high impact community development projects spread across the 20 Dzongkhags of Bhutan, an amount of INR 965.25 million has been released.

India supports the development of several dozen projects across Bhutan, such as the Blacktopping of Roads, the drinking water project, the construction of a 150-bed mother-child hospital in Thimphu, the Waste Flagship Project, the development of sports infrastructure in Bhutan, etc.,

Bhutan continues to be a great friend of India and is of strategic importance to India. Political relations between the two countries are also very close. Bhutan fully supports India in all regional and international forums.

Bhutan has limited diplomatic relations with China. China says it’s because of India’s pressure on Bhutan. Bhutan is also a buffer country between India and China. The foundation of their close relationship is the 1949 Treaty of Amity and Cooperation, revised in 2007 to address Bhutan’s sovereignty concerns.

India is the largest grant provider to Bhutan. India’s share of Bhutan’s total foreign aid is 73%. India initially provided 90% funding for the implementation of Bhutan’s five-year plans.

India is also Bhutan’s biggest trading partner. Recently, India relaxed the standards to allow the import of areca nuts from Bhutan at the request of the Royal Government of Bhutan. The Indian government has allowed the annual import of 17,000 metric tons of fresh (green) areca nuts from Bhutan.


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