interview with director Jacob Boehme


The Mayor traveled with the sacred canvas of the Heart of Uluru Declaration across the country for a year and a half, rallying support for the Declaration and Voice.


“His knowledge of this is quite unique,” ​​Boehme says. “It’s time for us as a community to start talking about it.”

The ‘remembering’ pillar involves a screening and panel discussion of Darlene Johnson’s 2014 documentary Redfern’s storywhich follows the formation and influence of the National Black Theatre.

And then it’s time for the “ass party”.

“Oh, honey,” Boehme said. “We have Nana Miss Koori, who will be hosting this party, so be prepared for things to get a little crazy.”

Gadigal Elder Graham Simms’ drag character Nana Miss Koori is hosting a drag and disco stage, and other stages will feature experimental electronics and a dance program designed by choreographer Neville Williams-Boney.

Redfern’s drag icon, Nana Miss Koori, will host a ‘party’ for Carriageworks’ inaugural First Nations program.Credit:Rhett Wyman

Alongside the program, Boehme leads an effort to continuously integrate Indigenous perspectives into Carriageworks’ operations, governance, and programming.

“Things will change,” says Boehme. “Everyone is going to have a journey that is going to get tricky and sticky at times. Because indigenizing an essentially colonial space is not the easiest thing in the world to do.


As a symbol of this change, local elders and children have teamed up to plant a garden at Carriageworks containing plants that reflect the flora that flourished in the area before settlement. “It’s this process of bringing the plants home,” Boehme explains.

At the heart of Boehme’s program is an invitation to non-native visitors.

“As Aboriginal people who have lived in the colony for 230 years now, we walk in two worlds,” he says. “We know our culture. But we also know this other thing, this modern type of Western culture.

“The job now is for the whole crowd to cross the barrier so that you also have one foot in two worlds and can also understand what is happening.”


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