Israel sends Covid-19 assistance to hard-hit Romania



The fourth wave of Covid-19 has hit Romania hard. The country is facing its worst wave of infections since the pandemic began almost two years ago with 500 deaths a day and more than 10,000 new infections every 24 hours. The Romanian health system is starting to collapse.

Israel comes to Romania’s rescue by offering both human and technical assistance through the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest.

Earlier this week, Israel sent 40 oxygen concentrators to Romania. The devices were made possible with the help of AFI Europe Romania and Elbit Systems from Israel.

“Romania is going through a difficult period,” said David Saranga, Israeli Ambassador to Romania. “Covid patients need special medical care and these oxygen concentrators will help them in the healing process.”

In addition, a medical team from Israel was sent to Bucharest on Sunday to share best practices with doctors in Romania. The team includes three doctors, a head nurse specializing in Covid-19, and a logistics expert: Dr Rami Sagi, Dr Eyal Fox, Dr Mark Romain, Tamar Keinan, Moshe Batito.

A medical team from Israel was sent to Bucharest on November 7 to share best practices with doctors in Romania. Photo courtesy of the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest

The country asked for help through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Austria, France, Germany and Serbia have all mobilized. Moldova has also sent a team of doctors and nurses to work at Letcani Hospital in Iasi County, northeast Romania, where Covid-19 patients are being treated.

Although cases of infection in Romania appear to have leveled off, the number of patients who have died from Covid is still high. On November 2, for example, the death toll from Covid reached a record level: 591 cases in 24 hours. The death toll in the country since the start of the pandemic has reached 48,664, authorities reported.

Romania has a population of 19.2 million, roughly double that of Israel, which has also seen new cases of infection skyrocket to 10,000 per day at the height of Wave Four, although the total number of deaths remained much lower, at 8,109.



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