Issuance of Supplementary General Licenses and Guidance in Support of Assistance to Afghanistan



The United States works tirelessly with the international community to ensure humanitarian assistance and other essential support flows for the Afghan people to reach those in need. In fiscal 2021, the United States provided nearly $ 474 million in humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and Afghan refugees in the region, making us the largest provider of humanitarian assistance. We will continue to support the efforts of our partners to step up assistance and provide the necessary relief in this time of special need.

In accordance with this, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury today issued three general licenses to facilitate the continued flow of essential aid and support to the Afghan people. These licenses extend existing authorizations for the provision of humanitarian aid and other activities that meet basic human needs and allow broader support to the Afghan people in accordance with resolution 2615 (2021) adopted by the United Nations Security Council. United earlier today. This resolution, drafted by the United States and adopted unanimously by the 15 members of the UN Security Council, establishes a waiver of the 1988 UN sanctions regime to ensure that aid which the country urgently needed can reach the Afghan people. The resolution also calls for periodic updates by the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator to ensure that aid reaches the intended beneficiaries, and is not diverted to the Taliban. UN sanctions are an important tool in responding to threats and human rights violations, but we must ensure that these sanctions do not hamper the delivery of the aid the Afghan people need. urgent.

While US sanctions against the Taliban remain in place, OFAC has granted broad clearances that ensure that non-governmental organizations, international organizations and the US government can continue to provide essential assistance and support to the most vulnerable Afghans. . OFAC also publishes a fact sheet that highlights all relevant authorizations and guidelines that facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid, personal remittances and other forms of support to the Afghan people.

In addition, the United States will provide the Afghan people with one million additional doses of COVID-19 vaccine via COVAX, bringing our total to 4.3 million doses. We stand in solidarity with the Afghan people.



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