LOO comments on drug shortages in public health facilities – Love FM



Speaking of corruption, opposition leader Patrick Faber also referred to pharmaceuticals and the lack of drugs in public health hospitals.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Leader of the Opposition: “We again call on the government to listen to the healthcare professionals, to listen to our doctors and nurses from the region and from the KHMH and to allow the financing and purchase of the pharmaceutical supplies necessary to avoid events in these different health establishments. establishments. Making our doctors and nurses unable to know how to treat anything they find in these hospitals because they just don’t have the drugs. And we basically condemn government procurement practices because all we see are friends and buddies, as I indicated in my independence day speech, becoming new millionaires and later when I talk about corruption I will go further to show you how many, in fact, many of these people who are getting richer from the pandemic are very closely related to the United People’s Party and I will go as far as ‘to say very closely linked to the Minister of Health himself. My friends, this is a serious problem.



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