MP calls for increased security at oil facilities following threat from colleague to shut down oil fields


Chairman of the House of Representatives (HoR) Defense and National Security Committee for the Western Region Kamal Al-Jamal called on Prime Minister and Defense Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah for instructions urgent and immediate action to raise the readiness of oil fields, ports and facilities, in anticipation of any sabotage operation.

Al-Jamal’s remarks came in a statement in which he expressed bemusement at the demands of MP Talal Al-Maihoub, who called for the closure of oil fields and the withdrawal of ministers representing the Cyrenaica region from government due to non-disbursement of salaries to Haftar militias.

“These appeals by Al-Maihoub in his alleged capacity as Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee pose a threat to national security and undermine the livelihoods of Libyans, which again threatens the return of the division political and institutional, ”Al-Jamal said. .

He also called on the HoR presidency to withdraw its confidence, to abandon the membership of representative Al-Maihoub and to send him back to the judicial authorities to try him for the “crimes he committed”, as he said. said.


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