Pakistan and India swap lists of nuclear facilities and prisoners despite border tensions


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan and India have maintained centuries-old traditions as the two sides exchanged the list of nuclear installations and facilities other than the list of detained prisoners.

According to reports in local media, the arch-rivals simultaneously exchanged information through diplomatic channels under a 24-year-old agreement on a ban on attacks on nuclear installations and facilities.

A statement released by the Foreign Office said the exchange had been an annual feature of bilateral relations since the signing of the agreement which was designed to prevent nations from targeting each other’s nuclear sites.

He also added that the list of nuclear facilities and facilities in Pakistan has been officially handed over to a representative of the Indian High Commission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Similarly, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in the Indian capital handed over the list of Indian nuclear facilities and installations to a representative of the Pakistan High Commission.

According to the latest information, at least 628 Indian prisoners including 51 civilians and 577 fishermen are being held in Pakistan while at least 335 Pakistani citizens are languishing in Indian prisons.

As part of the agreement, Islamabad and New Delhi also set up a hotline to prevent accidental nuclear conflicts. Fishermen are often detained by both sides as many fishing vessels lack the technology to be certain of their precise location and fishermen often languish in jail even after serving prison sentences.


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