Reports of closure of learning facilities in Rohingya camps are false: Government


Bangladesh attaches great importance to ensuring access to education for all, especially girls, and in the same vein, the government is facilitating learning activities for Rohingya children in inside the camps, a Foreign Ministry statement said.

The statement adds that it is deeply concerning that misinformation is spreading about learning facilities for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN)/Rohingya children as the government works with UN agencies to gradually integrate the facilities. in the Myanmar curriculum, streamlining teacher volunteering, and adopting policies for building their capacity.

Reports of educational institutions closing, banning teachers or students from attending are false and fabricated, he also said.

The government has organized learning programs for Rohingya children inside the camps through approximately 5,617 educational institutions which are all in operation and neither the education sector operators in the Rohingya camps nor UNICEF (lead agency for education) expressed concern about the closure of an educational institution.

FDMN children study under the aegis of UNICEF and BRAC has developed a program called “Learning Competency Framework and Approach (LCFA)” in the camps completely free of charge.

Since the end of last year, a pilot project, called Myanmar Curriculum Pilot (MCP), has been rolled out in Rohingya camps which follows the Myanmar curriculum and is conducted mainly in the Burmese language.

It would gradually replace the FCFA. UNICEF is the lead agency responsible for rolling out Myanmar’s in-camp curriculum free of charge to learning centers in a phased manner for grades 1-12.


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