Residents of Karak, Pakistan protest over lack of gas, other facilities block highway



October 18, 2021 4:31 PM STI

Islamabad [Pakistan], October 18 (ANI): Residents of the Pakistani city of Karak staged protests and blocked the Indus Highway with burning tires for seven hours due to lack of gasoline, other amenities base on Saturday, local media reported.
Police prevented them from moving to Banda Daud Shah, to stage a sit-in outside the central processing facility (CPF) of oil and gas exploration companies, Dawn reported.
Former member of the National Assembly and activist of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) Maulana Shah Abdul Aziz – who led the protests – had earlier announced to organize an “armed demonstration” in front of the CPF against the delay in the supply of gas to the inhabitants of the various districts of the district.

Protesters, some of them armed, began moving towards Banda Daud Shah on Saturday morning. The district administration and the police arrested them in Amberi Kallay Chowk.
After being arrested, the protesters set fire to old tires on the road and blocked the road to traffic for nearly seven hours.
Hamid Iqbal, deputy commissioner of Karak, spoke with Shah Abdul Aziz and leaders of a local rights organization. The administration allowed protesters to go to Banda Daud Shah, where they staged protests at the CPF gate, according to Dawn. (ANI)



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