Russians detained in Albania claim to be the photographers of abandoned facilities – reports


MOSCOW (UrduPoint News/Sputnik – Aug 21, 2022) Russian citizens detained in Albania for allegedly breaching an arms factory in Gramsh have told police they were photographers and bloggers documenting abandoned military installations, a the Alban Daily News portal reported on Sunday.

According to the news portal, the people in question are Svetlana Timofeyeva, 33, and Mikhail Zorin, 23, who showed police their blog, which apparently contained photos and videos of former Soviet military bases.

There was another young man with a Ukrainian passport among the detainees, but the broadcaster did not provide any further details about his identity.

The inmates reportedly approached the facility on Saturday evening but were detected by the military and started a fight with them.

Two Albanian officers were injured after one of the intruders used some kind of spray, the news portal reported.

The Russian Embassy in Tirana told Sputnik that the country’s authorities did not inform the diplomatic mission about the incident and only learned about the incident from local media.

The injured servicemen’s health has improved, as suggested by a photo that Albanian Defense Minister Niko Peleshi tweeted from the hospital with the two officers smiling. Peleshi also thanked the officers for their willingness to sacrifice themselves to protect a strategic facility.

The Elbasan Judicial District Prosecutor’s Office in Albania has opened an investigation into the incident.


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