Secretary hails Saudi facilities for Pak Hujjaj – Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interreligious Harmony Aftab Akbar Durrani on Thursday thanked Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and others for providing facilities to Pakistani Hujjaj during Hajj 2022.

In a statement, he thanked the Saudi government, its institutions and its embassy in Pakistan for their commendable cooperation with Pakistani Hujjaj.

He said that overall the Hajj arrangements were satisfactory despite some shortcomings.

Aftab Akbar Durrani said the government and the ministry have been working hard to provide timely facilities for Hajj pilgrims during Hajj 2022.

He said the Hajj was, normally, announced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in December each year and the Hajj policy was approved by the cabinet in the same month – giving the ministry five to six months for hajj arrangements. .

He said that this year the Hajj and its expenses were announced in April and May respectively. Overnight, the ministry finalized the Hajj policy and, despite the lack of time, the ministry secured its cabinet approval on May 24 via broadcast.

The Secretary said that due to the hard work provided by the Jeddah Hajj Ministry and Mission, the first hajj flight was left for Medina Munawwarah on June 6.


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