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This year, a new leadership took the reins of Security Assistance Command’s multibillion-dollar foreign military sales portfolio. Brig. General Garrick Harmon, who took command of USASAC in May, said relationships are central to the FMS aspect of security assistance.

Through building relationships with allies and partners, USASAC generated $ 12 billion in new business and ended the year with a portfolio of $ 210 billion, an increase of $ 3 billion from compared to the previous year. Case development performance averaged high starting in FY 2019 and remained high through FY 2021, ending the year 91% on time.

“The Army Security Assistance Company closed 672 cases in fiscal year 2021, exceeding the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s target of 550 cases,” Deputy Commander Myra Gray said. “Our employees have actively improved the processes and training that make file closings more efficient, and the efforts are paying off.”

Managing more than 6,500 overseas military sales for more than 140 countries around the world, USASAC recognizes people as their greatest strength and has continued to focus largely on their professional development.

“We recently implemented a knowledge management system called Agile Learning Environment. This system offers platforms similar to knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia and YouTube, and enables staff to learn, train, collaborate and share vital information across the enterprise, ”said Gray.

USASAC continues to professionally grow its workforce through the Security Cooperation Workforce Certification Program, and the command is on track to certify 100% of its employees by summer 2022.

These successes are carried out under the responsibility of Harmon, who came to USASAC from the Embassy in Moscow, where he was a senior defense official and defense attaché, Office of the United States Defense Attaché. United States, Embassy of the United States of America, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Other additions to the USASAC team include:

Col. Kenneth Burgess took command of the Saudi National Guard Modernization Program Office Program Manager in July. Burgess’ last posting was in Vicenza, Italy, where he commanded the 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne).

Colonel Andrew Clark took command of the Security Training Management Organization in September. Clark’s last posting was at the US Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, where he was the Senior Defense Officer / Defense Attaché in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Also joining the USASAC team, Col. James Zanella and Staff Sgt. Major Matthew Strasser, head of the US Army-Military Assistance Group in Saudi Arabia.

The highlights of the USASAC regional operations directorates are as follows:

CENTCOM, with $ 4.9 billion in new business and 2,061 active cases totaling $ 133.7 billion. There are 20 countries in CENTCOM. CENTCOM’s top priorities for the exercise included significant deliveries of UH-60 and HA-10 rockets. The emphasis on capacity building and support for COCOM’s engagement strategies has significantly strengthened regional partnerships across the Middle East.

AFRICOM, with 765 active cases and a total value of active cases of approximately $ 5 billion. There are 53 countries in AFRICOM, whose primary tools for implementing the US strategy are posture, presence, programs, exercises, commitments and operations. Priority cases for FY2021 included M1A1 tanks, AH-64E helicopters, Bell Huey II helicopters and Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

EUCOM, with $ 3.2 billion in new cases, bringing their total to 1,895 active cases for a total program value of $ 36.7 billion. There are 51 countries in EUCOM. Important material priorities included Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Hellfire missiles, UH-60M Javelins and Strykers helicopters.

NORTHCOM, with new business totaling approximately $ 71 million. NORTHCOM currently has 111 active cases worth approximately $ 1.7 billion. NORTHCOM has three countries. Important cases for the exercise were sustainment of UH-60H light machine guns / helicopters and technical support / general command training.

INDOPACOM, with approximately $ 1.8 billion in new cases and 1,082 cases for a total program value of $ 30.5 billion. There are 36 countries in INDOPACOM, which develops and executes FMS cases for partner countries in Asia and the Pacific. INDOPACOM’s main priorities for the exercise included cold weather gear, M777s and Excaliburs, Strykers and UH-60 helicopters, UH-6 and AH-64, and M1A2 tanks.

SOUTHCOM, with $ 141 million in new business and 435 active cases totaling $ 2.5 billion. There are 33 countries in SOUTHCOM. SOUTHCOM’s top priorities for the exercise were Beechcraft aircraft, M1117s, aircraft components, technical support, helicopter simulators, Javelins and JLTVs.

Two of the command’s substantial and long-standing programs that have a huge impact on the global economy and regional stability are located in Saudi Arabia.

The USASAC Interior Ministry Military Advisory Group continues to train and advise military forces within the Saudi Interior Ministry on how to defend their country from threats and protect infrastructure. Over the past year, female soldiers have provided training to Saudi military personnel, a profession historically prohibited for women.

The Office of the Program Manager of USASAC – Saudi National Guard Modernization Program, or OPM-SANG, coordinated the first military police training course for women, oversaw the issuance and training of new equipment for ‘a variant of the light armored vehicle, continued to support the combat SANG deployed to the front. training, and completed two phases of commissioning of aircraft equipment to complete an overseas military sales record of $ 11.7 billion.

At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the Command Security Assistance Training Management organization continues to stand ready to continue its ongoing support and meet future mission demands. USASATMO has worked successfully with the 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade to deliver world-class training with the Bahraini defense. USASATMO also conducted nine counter-foreign affairs threat courses, fully training 129 deployed team members to increase situational awareness and enhance force protection.

The USASAC field office in Washington continues to experience success in the partnership capacity building program that has supported 59 resourced countries since 2016. In its 56th year, USASAC continues its vital capacity building mission partners, supporting geographic combatant command strategies, and strengthening global partnerships in support of US national security.

“At a time of increased military competition around the world, and as we seek to expand the global land-based power grid as part of our approach to a competing multi-domain military, the important role of the Security assistance through foreign military sales will continue to grow, ”Harmon said.


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