Taiwan’s foreign minister calls China’s military threat ‘very serious’


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Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu gave an interview to FRANCE 24 from Taipei. He warned that the Chinese threat was “very serious” and that Taiwan must “be prepared” for possible Chinese military action, “whether it is an all-out invasion or a small skirmish with our military.”

Joseph Wu told FRANCE 24 that China’s military threat against Taiwan was not just rhetoric. He noted that Beijing had beefed up its military and was openly talking about “invading” Taiwan. In response, he said, Taiwan has acquired new weapons and is accelerating its preparations for possible Chinese military action.

Taiwanese FM said it expected the United States to help Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, but stressed that Taiwan must be prepared to defend itself. He insisted that China could not be trusted when it claimed that Taiwan would be governed according to the “one country, two systems” model, pointing to the crackdown in Hong Kong in recent years.

Finally, Wu hailed the opening of a de facto embassy in Lithuania bearing the name “Taiwan” instead of the usual “Taipei” as a symbol of the shift in perception underway in Western capitals vis-à-vis Beijing. He said he hoped other Western countries would “understand” the decision.


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