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His name is Darnel Mossiah and in 2018 he physically assaulted female referee Yuri Daniels. The attack sparked public outrage and Mossiah was hit with a five-year ban by the National Sports Council. All stadiums managed and operated by the NSC were prohibited from entering. So when he was seen as a member of the Calcutta Strikers football team at an NSC stadium, audiences quickly remembered Mossiah punching Daniels three years ago. The Belize Football Federation issued a statement, saying Mossiah has been removed from the Corozal Football Association’s amateur tournament payment with immediate effect and will continue to serve his ban. National Sports Council director Ian Cal told Love News that the Calcutta Strikers football team was also banned for helping Mossiah.

Ian Cal, Director, National Sports Council: “Yesterday when we saw the situation unfold on social media – and we knew we had allowed the Corozal Football Federation to start their matches following all protocols of course. The procedure is to send the list of all the names of all the players and everyone who will participate, but you know that this is a tournament and the number of players listed in each team is important. So when they started these matches, it’s very close to a normal tournament, but when we saw this problem playing out on Facebook, we immediately started asking questions and we found out that there had been a ban of this player for five years by the National Sports Council, that was under the previous administration. What we did was we reached out to the former manager because what we heard was that the president was told the player was due to come back after three years and the ban had been lifted. by the previous administration of the National Sports Council. However this turned out to be wrong so we say the ban is upheld and to add to that however due to the action taken by the team to bring this member back we will sanction this team and this team will have to leave the tournament too. As the National Sports Council, we ban the tournament team, from all our facilities we own, including player Mr. Mossiah who was banned for five years from all sports facilities under the National Sports Council. It is very disappointing because we as the National Sports Council are the oversight body for sports in this country and every time we make a decision it has to be followed. We all play sport together and sport is a discipline and if you can’t follow the rules and regulations what are we teaching our young people? What do we learn from sport? In what direction are we going. So it is expected that whenever the National Sports Council makes such a decision it will be respected and of course there are consequences that may apply if this is not done. “

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