The government led by Prime Minister Modi has reached out to the poorest of the poor with unheard of facilities, unimaginable in India: Piyush Goyal


03 October 2021 07:48 STI

Dubai [UAE], Oct 3 (ANI): Union Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said on Sunday that for the past seven and a half years, the central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strained helping the poorest of the poor with incredible and unimaginable facilities. in India.
In an exclusive interview with ANI, Goyal praised the initiatives of the government led by PM Modi and said: “PM Modi over the past 7.5 years, through a series of initiatives … bottom of the pyramid [with] incredible installations, unimaginable in India. “
Goyal appealed to initiatives such as Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and the JAM Trinity (Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile) as initiatives that helped the Indian government to gain direct benefit and transfer it to every household, eliminating middlemen and corruption.
He further mentioned that the Indian health care program is the largest in the world and provides free health care to over 50 million Indians. He also highlighted the government’s kitchen gas and toilet initiatives.
Expressing hope for a bright future for India, Goyal said, “In my opinion, it is this holistic reflection on making life easier, providing a better quality of life for people that is converting the country into Atmanirbhar – self-sufficient. The prime minister also said there was a plethora of opportunities. India is a land of opportunity, openness and growth for the future. I think that is what will provide jobs for the population, a better quality of life for the population; ultimately, as the economy grows, as new businesses emerge, as infrastructure grows, as more and more people benefit from health care and education quality, I think the future is very bright for our country. ”
Emphasizing the “transparency in the work of the government, Goyal said that these five million drinking water connections (Nal se Jal initiative) had been provided as part of the Jal Jeevan mission, the data of which is available on the table of board so that the whole world can see them “.
The Union Minister, while speaking about improving India’s image abroad, said: “It has been a process. When we took office in 2014, there was a certain image. And these things are something that businessmen feel: how they should do the business, what are the obstacles, how should one continue to go to government for everything. the highest standards of probity and integrity in government, has taken a fully transparent set of policy-driven actions that have been implemented over the past 7 years. “
“Businessmen feel it very quickly. They don’t need lies. the other. I could feel that this has really found ground in the UAE in particular and there is a lot of appreciation for the fact that they are finding rules-based, fair and transparent business opportunities in India, ”he said. he added.
Notably, Goyal also informed that even in the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, India’s international trade from April 2020 to March 2021 was 97%.
“Our merchandise exports were at the 94 pc level of the previous year, even during the worst period of COVID-19. Moreover, in the current year, during the first six months, from April to September , we have a record level of exports of 197 billion dollars, something unheard of in India, compared to a full year of exports of 290 billion dollars last year; growth of probably 40-45% “, a- he added.
During his visit to Dubai, Piyush Goyal co-chaired a meeting of the UAE-India High Level Joint Working Group. He also inaugurated the Indian pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020. (ANI)

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