The government provides all assistance to the Indians


The world is watching with interest the current tense situation between Russia and Ukraine.According to US and NATO forces, Russia should attack Ukraine today.

    Government provides all assistance to

But so far, no such situation has been observed.

Putin has repeatedly said that he does not want another war in Europe. But the forces of the US-led coalition. Do not believe the words of the Russian leader.

Governments of different countries. Concerned about the safety of their citizens in Ukraine.Many countries withdraw their citizens from Ukraine after the United States warned that Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment.

Several countries have also recently canceled flights to Ukraine.

India has also issued a travel advisory urging its citizens to withdraw immediately. Union Minister of State for External Affairs Meenakshi Lekhi spoke to the media about the situation in Ukraine.

For indians live in Ukraine.She said they would provide the assistance they needed. At our Hot Lines, these emails are all working properly.

Meenakshi said she would provide further assistance, including leaving the country.

What measures has the Indian government taken to bring in those who were abroad during the lockdown. The Minister of the Union recalled on occasion that they would act at the same level.

While the Indian government is closely monitoring the situation between Russia and Ukraine since the fire broke out. It is well known that orders and warnings are always issued.

All Indian citizens of Ukraine are required to follow the official embassy website, social media handles, for updates from time to time.

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