The United States will build 110 military facilities for various purposes in Poland within 10 years


More than 100 military objects for different purposes will be built by the United States on the territory of Poland over the next 10 years, US Ambassador to Poland Marek Brzezinski said on Thursday.

His remarks came as he spoke at a ceremony to kick off the construction of US munitions depots in Powidz (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship) in central Poland.

“More than 110 construction projects are planned over the next ten years,” added the Ambassador. According to him, all this is necessary to “seriously increase military readiness”. As Brzezinski pointed out, “this will be, for example, schools, but also canteens, barracks and other facilities”.

Construction of the Powidza warehouses is underway in Poland as part of an expanded Allied presence in the country. The project includes two areas – the creation of ammunition depots and a warehouse complex for the storage of weapons and equipment. These activities are part of the implementation of the Preparedness Action Plan (RAP) approved at the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales.

As a result, 56 depots and administrative facilities will appear in Poland. Five warehouses will be made available to the Polish side and 51 will be made available to the American side. The extension of the infrastructure is planned.


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