U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia, Embassy Staff Taste Malaysian Kids Snacks


PETALING JAYA: U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia Brian McFeeters and other U.S. Embassy staff in the U.S. tried various Malaysian children’s snacks in a lovely video celebrating the National Day from Malaysia.

In the nearly three-minute video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, August 31, McFeeters and other U.S. Embassy staff were filmed tasting the unique Malaysian flavors.

For starters, McFeeters tried durian popcorn, showing his malaise by commenting on the taste.

Makanan yang pale istimewa (A special type of food). It’s pretty cool, I’m a little hesitant about durian, but it’s a bit light and like the Malaysian version of Cheetos, ”said McFeeters.

“You can smell (durian) if someone even had it in the hallway before you get there, but it doesn’t have a strong smell. Sedap. Enak. (Delicious), rasa garam (the salty taste) is nice, ”he added in the video.

Another staff member named Michelle took a bite of Dahfa’s fried fish fillet snacks, pleasantly surprised that she enjoyed the taste.

“It’s not bad though, I like it. It’s salty, I could probably eat a lot of it, ”she said.

Another staff member named Sydney enjoyed Aiskrim Malaysia, a type of flavored popsicle contained in a plastic tube.

“It looks like an American Otterpop. It looks really good, and I really like the mango, ”she said.

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