U.S. Embassy staff burn documents as Taliban closes in on Kabul


With the situation getting “out of control” with the advance of the Taliban, staff at the US Embassy in Kabul have been asked to burn sensitive documents. On Friday, Taliban militants, in its 11th annexation, captured Pul-e-Alam in Loghar province just 80 km from Kabul. Staff have been urged to dispose of the classified memos and the US national flag in the embassy office in the capital of Afghanistan, the BBC reported.

“Everything is about to turn badly”

According to CNN, the notice titled “Emergency Destruction Services” approved disposal documents and electronic information with the use of fireboxes, incinerators and disintegrators. In other words, anything that could be used as propaganda should be ablaze, the US State Department ordered. Referring to the Pentagon’s “intelligence assessment” report on the Taliban’s 90-day invasion of Kabul, the State Department also feared that “everything is about to turn badly,” said one. responsible.

Closure of consulate offices in Kabul

Amid Taliban-induced violence in Afghanistan, Iran has announced a temporary halt to operations at the Consulate General’s office, located in Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital of Afghanistan’s Balkh province. The move follows escalating violence fueled by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan’s fourth largest city. Expressing concern at the current situation, the consulate general said that the ongoing fighting “could cause insecurity” in Mazar-i-Sharif where the “diplomatic mission” was based, ANI said citing the Agency of Islamic Republic Press (IRNA). He also remained pessimistic about resuming his duties until the situation stabilized in the war-torn country.

The Taliban have occupied 65% of Afghan territory

According to an EU report, the militant group has conquered around 65% of major Afghan cities. In addition, he threatened to take over 11 other provincial capitals in the coming days. Earlier this week, in their 10th takeover, the Taliban captured the provincial capital near the Afghan capital, Kabul. He also captured Faizabad, the capital of the northeastern province of Badakshan. Activists also claimed control of the town of Ghazni, some 130 km southwest of Kabul.

Meanwhile, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, in his recent television interview, vowed not to give up on the “achievements” of the past 20 years. During his interview, Ghani mentioned that mobilizing Afghan forces remains the top priority amid escalating violence. The uprisings escalated with less than three weeks for US troops to leave the war-torn country.

(With entries from ANI)

(Image: AP / representative)


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