Ukrainian Embassy condemns publication of Israeli TV channel with Pushilin interview


The Ukrainian Embassy in Israel condemns the situation with the publication of the Israeli state media 11 KAN with a representative of the Russian occupation administration in occupied Donetsk. This statement published on the Embassy Facebook page.

“We strongly condemn that 11 KAN fell victim to Russian propaganda and convey false Russian narratives about the situation in Ukraine. Giving the spotlight to the representative of the Russian occupation administration further aggravates the already tense security situation and undermines efforts to defuse tensions. This is NOT freedom of speech, but adding more oil to the fire”, – the statement said.

The embassy pointed out that the Israeli media was being used for the hybrid war Russia is waging against democracies and free nations.

“It is particularly appalling that the so-called ‘interview’ has come out at a time when the whole democratic world, Israel’s key partners – the US, UK and EU are making huge efforts to deter Russia from another invasion of Ukraine”, – the diplomats said.

At the same time, the embassy demanded to remove this material from all media platforms and resources.

It is known that on February 19, the interview with D. Pushilin was broadcast on the 11 KAN TV channel. The Russian-speaking population of Israel only heard the terrorist, and the journalist’s comments in Hebrew were incomprehensible to them due to their ignorance of the language.


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