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The wife of the deceased and her two daughters are suffering from the viral infection.

Staff at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Abu Dhabi performed the last rites of a Covid-19 victim after the rest of her family were found to have SARS-CoV-2, which causes the viral illness .

Initially Jay, the Sri Lankan expat, who was in his early sixties, complained of mild headaches and breathing problems.

His wife later called the emergency number 999 after her condition suddenly deteriorated.

Unfortunately, however, he died as the emergency medical team rushed to his home, an embassy official said.

The deceased tested positive for Covid-19 after a PCR test. Later, his wife and two daughters were also infected. They were placed in solitary confinement and were unable to attend his last rites.

“We are devastated and helpless. We contacted Embassy officials, who offered immediate help, ”Jay’s wife said.

The consular division of the embassy assigned a Public Relations Officer (PRO) to take care of the paperwork and then coordinated with the local authorities to perform his last rites in Baniyas.

The PRO, who went above and beyond his duty, is still grieved by Jay’s death.

“The unfortunate wife could not see her husband one last time. The girls could not say goodbye to their father. It was a heartbreaking moment. I was on the phone with family members because the last rites were performed according to Hindu tradition, ”he said.

Sri Lankan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Malraj De Silva said the mission “remains determined” to offer assistance at all times to any Lankan expatriate in distress.

Jay’s family members are grateful for the embassy’s timely response and PRO’s humanitarian action.

“We received unforgettable assistance from officials at our embassy. They updated each other regularly by phone while our father’s last rites were being performed, ”the girls added.

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