Why does America need biological research facilities in Ukraine?


AAs a million Odessians nervously wait to see if their city will be next to suffer Russian bombardment, US officials are wringing their hands over the fate of Ukraine’s biological research facilities. Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has worked closely with Ukraine to combat the spread of infectious diseases. Yet since the Russian invasion, a network of US-affiliated labs in Odessa and other Ukrainian cities has come under threat. In February, the director of the cooperative threat reduction program, Robert Pope, announced that his program had lost contact with a number of these laboratories and that he feared that Russia was exploiting their existence in a disinformation campaign. intended to justify the invasion.

“If Russian forces were to occupy a city with one of these facilities, we are concerned that Russia could fabricate ‘evidence’ of nefarious activity in an effort to lend credibility to their continued disinformation about these facilities,” said Pope.

On April 10, 1972, the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union signed the Biological Weapons Convention, which prohibits the development, production, acquisition, transfer, stockpiling, and use of biological weapons. biological weapons. Russia now accuses the United States of violating this treaty by cooperating with Ukraine to manufacture more virulent viruses. Russia may have violated the treaty itself when it used a bioweapon in a 2018 attack on the UK. The United States denies that Ukraine’s biological research facilities conduct biological weapons research and instead argues that they are public and animal health labs. Still, the World Health Organization has advised Ukraine to “destroy high-risk pathogens harbored in the country’s public health laboratories” to prevent “any potential spills” that would spread the disease among the population.

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland echoed the concern of the World Health Organization, saying: “Ukraine has biological research facilities, which, in fact, we are now very concerned about Russian troops, which Russian forces may seek to take over, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of these research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces if they approach. So the pathogens in these “public health labs” are virulent enough that the undersecretary of state doesn’t want Russian President Vladimir Putin getting his hands on them.

What is really going on in Ukraine? Why would the United States need to fund public and animal health laboratories in Ukraine?

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine notes that “the U.S. Department of Defense’s Biological Threat Reduction Program works with partner nations to counter the threat of outbreaks (deliberate, accidental, or natural) of the most dangerous infectious diseases in the world”. To that end, the Pentagon is funding 12 biolabs in Ukraine built by Kansas-based Black and Veatch during Barack Obama’s first term. Black and Veatch partnered with Metabiota to set up these labs. Metabiota has ties to Hunter Biden’s investment firm, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, which injected $18.4 million into biological research facilities in Ukraine and Georgia in 2014.

What were we doing in these laboratories? A June 18, 2010 article from BioPrepWatch.com, which was retrieved by National Pulse, states that in 2005, Senator Barack Obama and Senator Dick Lugar brokered an agreement to build a Level 3 biosafety laboratory in Odessa. And a BioWeapons Prevention Project document shows that these labs were studying Ebola and “pathogenicity group viruses.” ii using virological, molecular, serological and express methods. They also provided “special training for specialists on biosafety and biosecurity issues when handling dangerous biological pathogens”.

So the United States may be technically correct when it says these labs are public and animal health labs, but they are still studying dangerous pathogens that could expose Ukraine and much of the world to a serious pandemic if they were released. The death rate from Ebola is more than 15 times higher than the death rate from covid-19, so it has potential as a bio-weapon. The potential for a Wuhan-style lab leak is very real, especially since Wuhan was a biosafety level 4 facility while Odessa is a biosafety level 3 near an active war zone.

“I would say that in all the facilities that we have worked with them in, we are confident that as long as the electricity is on and the people that we have trained are present in the facility … these pathogens are safe and secure according to international standards,” Pope told the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. “If these facilities were to be damaged by conflict, that could change. If you lose power, the pathogens in the freezers heat up. If the ventilation system is damaged, or if the building itself is damaged, and these pathogens now at room temperature are able to escape from the facility, then they may be potentially infectious in the area around the building. ‘installation.

The threat posed by these pathogens is so great that it begs the question: why is the United States funding this type of research in Ukraine and Georgia? It certainly seems like this kind of research could be done on American soil where it’s much more protected from things like a Russian invasion. But instead, Obama brokered a deal to build those research facilities in Ukraine, then partially paid for them using capital from Hunter Biden’s investment firm. These facts are all the more concerning in light of recent revelations that Obama and his science czar, Dr. John P. Holdren, were funding dangerous gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Communist.

In “Was the coronavirus crisis designed? » Trumpet editor Gerald Flurry wrote: “We don’t yet know everything there is to know about covid-19, but the picture that is emerging makes an absolutely incredible scenario more and more plausible: that American leaders have contributed to the engineering covid-19 as a bioweapon to “fundamentally transform” America. … On July 5, 2016, Nature magazine published an interview with Dr. Holdren, in which he said, “I’m going to China this week for a strategic and economic dialogue and for a US-China dialogue on innovation policy. … We have a lot of cooperation with China on biomedical issues. We talk to them all the time about gain-of-function research and gene-editing issues. Holdren was collaborating with the Chinese to make viruses more deadly! This collaboration is all the more concerning because it occurred after Obama cut off funding for gain-of-function research in America.

Now, it has been revealed that the Obama administration is conducting similar research in Ukraine, from biological weapons research to public and animal health research. Building an Ebola research lab in Odessa doesn’t make much sense, especially when you consider that Obama brokered the deal to build that lab the same year he brokered a deal to destroy the weapons of the era. Soviet Union in eastern Ukraine. Why disarm a nation and start researching Ebola on the Russian border? As with Obama’s support for the Wuhan lab, it’s either incompetence or betrayal. The Bible points to betrayal!

“Yea, he magnified himself unto the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of his sanctuary was overthrown. And a host was given to her against the daily sacrifice because of the transgression, and she cast down the truth; and it grew and prospered” (Daniel 8:11-12). Antiochus Epiphanes fulfilled this prophecy when he desecrated the temple in Jerusalem with an idol of himself. But the book of Daniel is primarily for the end times (Daniel 12:4).

Mr. Flurry explains in America under attack that a spiritual Antiochus is “throwing down the truth” within the Church of God, and that a political Antiochus is doing the same in the United States. The most anti-Bible president in American history, Barack Obama, fills the role of political Antiochus. He is no longer in power now, but he and his powerful allies tried to overthrow the United States. The scandal of the Obama administration’s ties to genetic research in Wuhan that launched the covid pandemic is a prime example of this surreptitious activity. Emerging evidence of Obama’s role in building biological research centers in Ukraine is worth watching.


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