Why India asked its non-essential embassy staff and students to temporarily leave Ukraine


The embassy in Kyiv has asked all Indian nationals whose stay is not deemed essential and all students to leave Ukraine temporarily in view of “high levels of tension and uncertainty”.

A Ukrainian serviceman walks near the frontline village of Krymske in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine. PA

The Ukrainian-Russian crisis continues to escalate and in the latest developments India has instructed its embassy in Ukraine to return home and advised its non-essential citizens to temporarily leave this countries given the “high levels” of tensions and uncertainties.

Here is an overview of what India said, the situation in Ukraine and everything you need to know about this difficult situation.

Notice of India to its diplomats, citizens

India on Sunday asked the family members of its embassy staff in Ukraine to return home and advised its non-essential citizens to temporarily leave the country given the “high levels” of tensions and uncertainties.

Official sources have been reported by PTI saying that the said families of Indian embassy officials in Ukraine have been invited to return to India.

In its notice, the Indian Embassy in Kiev asked all Indian students to temporarily leave this country.

“Given the high levels of tension and uncertainty regarding the situation in Ukraine, all Indian nationals whose stay is not deemed essential and all Indian students are advised to leave Ukraine temporarily,” it said. said the embassy.

He said available commercial flights and charter flights could be used for travel, for an “orderly and speedy departure” from Ukraine.

“Indian students are advised to also contact the respective contracting students for updates on charter flights, and continue to follow the Embassy on Facebook, website and Twitter for any updates,” said the embassy.

Officials were cited by the news agency PTI as saying that there is a small but vibrant Indian community and there were around 18,000 Indian students studying in this country.

What’s going on in the Ukraine-Russia conflict

The Indian council is just one of many developments in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Hours after the notice was published, the French presidency announced that US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had agreed in principle to hold a summit.

However, there is a rider on this meeting: the summit proposed by France will only take place if Russia does not invade its neighbor, the White House has said.

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The issue of talks between Biden and Putin came as the White House said Russia appeared to be “continuing preparations for a full-scale assault on Ukraine very soon,” and the United States was ready to impose “quick and serious consequences” if it happened. .

The Biden administration estimates that Russia has amassed up to 190,000 troops around Ukraine, including separatist forces in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine.

The possibility of a summit also comes at a time when Russia and Belarus have completed their military exercises near the border with Ukraine.

The world is on edge as the crisis shows no signs of easing.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a BBC Earlier interview was quoted as saying that Russia was planning “the biggest war in Europe since 1945”.

“All signs show that the plan has already begun in some direction,” Johnson said, adding, “Intelligence suggests that Russia intends to launch an invasion that will encircle the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.”
“People need to understand the cost in human lives this could cause,” he said.

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